Thursday, December 28, 2017

Best Of 2017

Wife has been going through a process of winnowing down her pictures from the year to come up with the few that will go into her 2017 slide show and the even fewer that may be of print up and frame quality (that will be probably no more than 5 out of thousands). She encouraged me to do the same. I've never done this before. I was interesting. There was a clear difference in the overall quality from the first trip of the year to the second trip clearly a result of the workshops we took. None of mine will be print quality as I take them in JPEG instead of raw which would capture much more information (and require much more adjustment with a higher level of editing than I am capable of).  But here are my selections for the slide show.


alexis said...

my thoughts: dad likes pictures of people preferably staring straight at the screen.

like the reflection picture of you two

love the pictures of mom

Definite improvement from beginning and end of year photos - that must feel good!

JRR said...

it was a very good year, ah yes!

Tee said...

These are GREAT! Many like something you'd see in a travel magazine. My favorite is the selfie of you and Wife.