Friday, September 8, 2017

Crustaceans And Lighthouses

Getting all the rust off of the travel mode here. After our eventful trip to Maine, we were off around the greater Portland area where there are a number of photographable lighthouses. Wife has a fondness for lighthouses so off we went. It was grey when we started out but as the day went on it cleared up. On our list was the state proclaimed "most photographed lighthouse in Maine" whose name I have conveniently forgotten. We were using a variety of navigation tools including our Tom Tom GPS, Google Maps GPS on our phone, maps and dead reckoning. We got misdirected a few times but generally speaking no serious damage was done to our marriage as a result of driver/navigator interaction.

We finished our day by going to a craft distiller. This was a fairly new operation. The material we were using to scout this place out said there were tours and sampling for free on the hour. We carefully timed ourselves to arrive at 4 PM. There was like no one there. But yes, there was one employee. At this time of year, visitors are scarce. He was wonderfully informative. This place uses an old distillation system employing copper kettles over direct heat. They had to have the kettles made by a guy in Portugal as he is the only one in the world who still does the craft! We bought a bottle of their rum to take with us.

The mandatory lobster eating was a traditional New England Lobster Roll at the (evidently) famous Lobster Shack at the Two Lighthouses are near Cape Elizabeth (for those who are mapping).

I've lots of pictures but the internet where we're staying is super slow so they will have to wait for the next locale.


alexis said...

sounds like a marvelous day of eating, drinking, and photographing.

alexis said...

if we repeat this trip next summer, I will have to remember to look up this blog.