Wednesday, September 27, 2017

A Thousand Meals Before I Rest

Let's get one thing straight. I have always loved business travel. As a youngster, I admired my Father and his far flung lifestyle doing business around the world. And I aspired to be a road warrior. I achieved my goal. I was not an international traveler but I did business all over the United States. And I NEVER regretted it. Yes, too much of a good thing was not the best. But I was very lucky for I was self-employed for the majority of my career so I could control how I traveled which makes a big difference. But I always kept my mind open to experiencing where I was and who I was dealing with. That continues to this day. I still have some business travel and I still enjoy it. Yes there are negatives but for the most part it is something I look forward to.

I had a quick trip to Los Angeles this week. I flew out on Monday, had dinner with my client, had meetings on Tuesday and flew home on Tuesday night.

As luck would have it, I was upgraded on my flight to LA and on my flight from San Francisco (had to make a connection to get back) to Albuquerque. On my outbound flight, it was a regional sub-contracted carrier and I wasn't sure if they would serve a meal. They didn't. The same carrier was going to be true on my flight from San Francisco.

I got to LAX about an hour and half before my return flight. Haven't been to LA for a while. The United Club was totally rebuilt and upgraded. AND the food offered was a real improvement. It was around 4 PM and I knew I had a tight connection. So I decided I would eat a little something.

We got to San Francisco on time. Low and behold there is a new, second United Club. Very nice. Once again a nice food spread. Well if I'm not going to get a meal on the plane, I should ingest a bit more.

Get on my plane home, Business/First class is only half full, a real rarity these days with all the upgrades. I get an isle to myself. And yes, there is a meal served which I partake of. So for the record, that is three meals I've consumed on my way home. Not exactly the way to maintain one's weight but better than the alternative. And I can't say I didn't have a good time LOL.

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alexis said...

from hearing your stories I have zero desire to travel for work. My own short time having to do it also cured me of that. I think a big part of what I love about my life in Amsterdam now (and especially this really unusual period where I can bike to all meetings) is that I rarely have to travel.