Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Wife and I decided earlier this year that we need to get out to more places that are close by. There are large parts of our state that we haven't seen even after being here 24 years. Our trip Bryce Canyon last month was in that vein. This last weekend we drove through large parts of Northern/Northeastern NM. I think one of our goals is just to check off the boxes of various places in the state LOL.

On this trip we checked off:
  • Eagles Nest
  • Cimarron
  • Philmont Boy Scout Ranch
  • Springer
  • Roy
  • Mosquero 
  • Logan
 Not to mention the ghost towns of:
  • Elizabethtown (totally non-existant
  • Glenrio (ghost town and ghost highway of Route 66)
  • Bard - where we ran into an older woman who used to work in one of the abandoned stores when she was a child
And of course we were taking pictures

Just outside of Angel Fire way north is the NM Vietnam War Memorial
It's very neat because it was started by a father in memory of his son and then was taken over my more institutional caretakers. All things Vietnam oriented tend to make me emotional and this was no different.

 Philmont Boy Scouts Ranch


My sweet, sweet Wife having lunch at a park in Roy (which I will bet will be a ghost town in 50 years)
Ghost Town of Glenrio on the Ghost of Highway 66

Mountains and Clouds

Driving into the storm


Bernice said...

Enjoyed your travel log. Great variety of sights: Vietnam memorial, clouds, and especially wife.

Agent W and the Derf said...

Love your pictures! Sweet wife is darling!! It is fun to explore New Mexico!