Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Long Trek Home After A Puzzling Conclusion

We came back to the big ABQ yesterday after our lovely week with family and others on the Outer Banks of North Carolina (aka as the OBX to those in the know much like the town we were in, Corolla, is pronounced CA-row-la).

We left a day early, Saturday, because we thought every one would be heading out on Sunday, plus the airfare was much cheaper. But it was still a bitch to get off of the Outer Banks. It took us 45 minutes to go 7 mile (it's just a single lane road until you cross over a bridge to the mainland. Then there were numerous other traffic delays so what took us 2 hours to get out took us almost 3 to get back. 

Then we had the joy of flying on the micro sized regional jets to get home. Actually if you want to make a CRJ 700 feel like total luxury (our plane from Houston to ABQ), fly a 3 hour flight on an Embraer 145, quite possibly the most uncomfortable plane I have ever flown on (and I have flown the ER 145 many times unfortunately).

All totaled from portal to portal it was a 12 hour trip...Booooo!

BUT, for all who are wondering, before we left there was the frantic last effort by Team Puzzle to put their 1000 piece over the top.

One of the key members of Team Puzzle had to leave early so only two of the three stalwarts were left to push the effort to completion.

The Final Push

A Job Well Done
And on to Happy Hour


Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

That series of photos really brought home the emotional drama inherent in completing a puzzle. I was rooting for them. Puzzlemasters for the win!

Agent W and The Derf said...

A great accomplishment for Team Puzzle! Glad you are home safely !

Xani said...

Thank you for posting the recaps and great pictures. Wonderful trip! Too bad the return journey was a pain. OBX is beautiful but inconveniently located.

Bernice said...

The puzzle was brilliant. I would be bleary eyed doing that.

Tim said...

C'mon... you're complaining about airlines after flying on China Eastern with a bunch of chickens on board???

de-I said...

Tim, not even the inscrutable orient has a monopoly on horrid air travel experiences.

alexis said...

what a nightmare journey! traffic is no fun. It's surprising you said it was very busy given how difficult it is to get there.