Friday, September 30, 2016

Climbing Olympus in Tallinn or Sherpa No More

Not as in 'Climbing Mount Olympus' but as in 'Freaking Learning How to Take Pictures with Olympus'.

When Wife bequeathed to me her Olympus camera, it created a domino effect of having to go from a cell phone camera that is the modern equivalent of the old Kodak Brownie camera to one that is basically a computer with a camera around it. Add to that the quirks of trying to use a new editing system (Photoshop Elements) and you have taken the complexity level of getting pictures into a blog to many levels of complexity higher.

So I've had to put my career as Camera Sherpa on hold. With BOTH OF US fixated on finding the right shot, NEITHER OF US is paying much attention to where the other one is or is going. Fortunately today, our first full day of sightseeing, we both managed to end up in the same place in the end, our hotel room.

Meanwhile, here are the first attempts with the photo system.

We start off with proof positive that this is NOT sunny New Mexico

We enter into the Old Town
Tallinn has one of the best preserved Medieval Old Town's in Europe
A panorama of the historic Town Hall Square

There is the famous Viru Gate
If you are familiar with the adventures of Wife and de-I, you know if it is famous, it is under construction!

 Scenes of the Town Hall

Dragon Downspout on Town Hall
Old Walls and Old Streets

Greek Orthodox Church from Russian Empire Occupation Days

One must be careful of wild life throughout the city
Many, many sections of the Medieval Walls are still around

  Including this fine tower that has five floors you can climb and go up with all kinds of exhibits.
In spite of the fact that Wife and I have forsworn going up these kinds of tortuous, narrow, steep stairs, we bought the Tallinn Card and in order to get our money's worth we had to do it.
Wife was in fighting mood after doing all those steps!

But we did get some great shots looking over the city


alexis said...

Hey, it looks pretty cute, Tallinn!

Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

Those pictures *are* beautiful, and the quality of the camera comes through. Your efforts in learning the Olympus are worth it!

Tom P said...

Pictures looking good!