Sunday, January 3, 2016

Winter Wonderland in the Desert

We had a lot of snow right after Christmas. In the southeastern part of the state it was blizzard conditions with one to two FEET of snow.

And it has been very cold here too with the highs just barely breaking freezing. The result is all that snow has been staying put on the trails of the mountains. Last Thursday I got out and in many areas the snow was still pristine.

On the trail

Sunshine off of snow crystals

Looking at the desert/city in the background from the mountain trail snow in the foreground

On another note I always love to relate to those not in the desert how water is thought about here. We've had a very rainy year, the 6th most rainy since they've been keeping records about 120 years ago. We got around 12.5 inches of rain, about 3 inches more than normal and enough to take our state out of the drought column. But I loved the piece in our newspaper where they were talking about the amount of rain and said something to the effect of "But this year was nothing like the deluge year of 1941 when we had 15.9 inches of rain." 


alexis said...

I'm glad to see a change in the precipitation! Certainly we aren't lacking for any now here in Holland.

Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

Apparently there's a very fine line between drought and deluge in New Mexico.

Agent W and the Derf said...

Glad you could get out and braved the cold to enjoy the beauty! Nice photos!

Tee said...

We've had relatively little snow this season so far. I think you got ours, and you can have it! :-)

It's so strange to think of such low temperatures and so much snow where you are. It's been strange fall and winter in this country, that's for sure.