Monday, January 18, 2016

Just Hanging

The urge to blog has not been there the last couple of weeks. Probably because we're in a fairly mellow normal, everyday, not running around the world mode.

The semi part of the semi retired lifestyle is going fine. I got a couple of nice jobs that suite the level of work I want to do just at the end of the year so the first quarter should be fine. It remains cold and we still keep getting occasional snow so there is still great snow on the trails for hiking.

I'm sitting in San Francisco International Airport on the way back to Albuquerque after a quick visit to see Daughter #1 and family. We flew in on a very early flight Saturday so we got to their house by 9:30 AM. But in spite of just being here just two days we did a lot. We hung out with the family on Saturday morning. We went to the hotel for a nap in the afternoon. We saw 1A's parents for a drink and then went out to dinner with #1 and 1A. The restaurant was okay but the company was great. On Sunday morning our Nephew and his Wife and two children who also love in the the same town for brunch. Had a great time with them and then we took the two grandchildren tow a movie. Came back and played cards, brought back a TV and then watched a Star Wars movie at home because #1 is briefing her daughter 1.1 on all the Star Wars history before seeing the new movie. We had breakfast out as a family with 1A's parents again before we headed to the airport.

We're in the middle of a big IT project. Wife's laptop has been a lemon and there has been much fear about it crashing and her losing lots of her data. Plus it never has had enough memory to truly handle here needs. So we've been working on getting a PC server and combining that with a VPN so she can leave her accounting programs on that and access it while we're traveling and also give us something to back up to while we're traveling. It also would give a single server to which then to back up onto a cloud back up. But of course there have been all kinds of things that aren't working quite right because this service doesn't like that hardware, and this software doesn't like that service, etc etc etc.
It will all work out eventually.

Wife has been madly getting all of her pictures going back to 1999 with stuff that was backed up on hundreds of CDs into the new server. I think she only 8 more years to do!


alexis said...

thanks for the update! Sounds like you guys had an incredible time and damn you did pack a lot in those couple days.

Tee said...

8 more years of photos! That sounds overwhelming. I have all my digital backed up onto an external hard drive, but I can't even think of the stacks of albums with printed photos that I really should scan.

Bernice said...

I, too, have been working on organizing our digital photos. Just trying to sort mine from hubby's. It is a big job.