Friday, September 12, 2014

Smoking For Yuppies

No I don't mean I'm going for weekly trips to Colorado to relive my misspent young adult years.

I'm talking about the fine art of BBQ.  Of smoking food low and slow until it gets tender and wonderful.

I'm talking about how the aging yuppie does this without actually having to learn how to make a fire or tend the smoker or figure out how keep the temperature just right for the hours and hours it takes to make BBQ.

I'm talking about THE YODER

This my friends is the Yoder, wood pellet fired, electronically controlled, smoker/griller!

It BBQs.  It roasts.  It grills.  It can go from holding a 200-220 degree temperature for hours and hours to a raging 600 degrees for searing meat (or I hope) for making pizza!

This is so yuppified it almost boggles the imagination.  You buy it direct from the manufacturer.  They ship it.  It arrives fully assembled.  Literally all that is necessary is to put hook on the metal racks.  Then when it comes to operate it, you fill the hopper on the left with wood pellets, you plug it in, you put a few pellets in the fire pan prior to starting.  You flip the power switch on.  You set the temperature.  You hit the START button.  You wait until it reaches temperature and you put on your meat.   That's it.

For my first forays I made whole chicken that I split in two and roasted at 350 degrees and then some spare ribs with a Memphis style dry rub that I BBQed for 6 hours at 220 degrees.  They both turned out great.  There was a real good wood fired smell to the chicken and a real smoke ring on the ribs.

Biggest problem now is getting mouths to feed as it is not very practical for small batches.

Handy display showing that the temperature is going up


Tim said...

Oh man, that thing looks fricken AMAZING!

Tom P said...

This is Awesome!!! Need pizza!!!

de-I said...

Tim - The Yoder pines awaiting your BBQing skills

Tom - It shall be done!!

alexis said...

Xmas: sorted.

Xani said...

congrats on the fun new toy! Dave has an egg-style smoked and he creates some yummy stuff in there, but this looks like a whole other level of fancy! Enjoy!!

JRR said...

Oh Broder!
What a beautiful Yoder
Slow cookin' ... so's
to keep pace wit you as you get