Sunday, September 14, 2014

Into the Clouds

On Friday, we got a small touch of the cold front that swept through the Midwest even brings snow to Boulder Colorado.  I was hiking on my own up one of the trails that I stay away from in the summer heat.  I thought that the front was going to come through later in the afternoon but when I arrived it was there.  You can tell these fronts here because the weather pours over the mountain.

I decided to keep going because this particular hike is very challenging and I needed the work out.  Fortunately there was very little moisture in those clouds and neither the wind nor the temperature were too bad.  I did get some neat videos though.


terri said...

That is so neat the way the clouds and mist come rolling over the mountains!

alexis said...

this is what I don't get, you do these crazy hikes in high altitude and then you come here to below sea level and walk around a flat city. Yet it's the latter that is more tiring?

de-I said...

I suspect the frites, waffles, herring, and beer has a lot to do with our fatigue factor at 'under sea level' :)