Monday, September 22, 2014


When you have your offspring flung all over the globe, you really appreciate how technology like Skype and Google Meet-up have enhanced your life.  Now for virtually no money you can have face-to-face conversations almost anywhere. 

Sunday has become our day to connect.  We work our way through the time zones picking up #3 in Europe first, then heading to the East Coast to talk with our granddaughter 2.1 who is a boarding school in Pennsylvania, then on to the West Coast where we connect with the #1 clan, and finally back to the East Coast for the #2's who we talk with after they're done with watching football.  This will change once the #2's head out to Hong Kong in January. 

2.1 is a new addition to our routine.  Her going to boarding school was rough on her folks but it seems to really be benefiting her.  And we haven't had this kind of communication with her for years so we think it is pretty cool

All this Skyping can take up half our day on Sunday but it is wonderful half day each weekend.


Bernice said...

I agree it is amazing. Hard to talk much to the young kids. But they can see our faces and we can see them.

alexis said...

oh man I wonder if I can get in on that skyping with 2.1. Except we struggle to talk to you all as it is.