Sunday, April 20, 2014

What Transition 2.0 Looks Like

So when you strip all the ego/attainment reasons for life what are you left with and what do you do with yourself for the next 1 to 20 years (depending on health and luck)?

First, I found out that work was still and important piece because during Transition 1.0 I had done most of stripping out what I didn't like doing.  Unlike those in the employment world, as a self-employed person I've had a lot of freedom to design my work to what I really was good at, liked, and provided self-satisfaction (which is a 'right now' thing, not a long-term 'build it' thing).  With all the bad stuff stripped out and all the empire building stripped out what was left was pretty enjoyable.  Things like coaching and teaching others and helping folks with my expertise.  Plus most of my work is pretty much just sitting down with people and talking.  I guess I should put talking and listening on the list.

I found out that I like to keep learning.  The work I do with my business network group leads me to be in contact with all kinds of younger folk and to be constantly learning.  That's a blessing to be sure.

Work feeds my social life.  Wife and I like to entertain and most of the people we do that with come out of the work circle.

Next I found out that I like to make money.  I don't need money.  But if I make more than I can put it to all kinds of good uses.  That fits nicely with the work piece.

And I found out that I like to in close a sale.  Not do the whole sales process, just the close.  How crazy is that. (Once I found out that , Wife put me to work on closing all the Craigslist listed appliances left over from the remodel.  And she gave me a 20% commission.  Sweet - remember the money thing above).  This tied in nicely with the work especially the business network venture I'm part of.

So there you had it work, helping, coaching/teaching, learning, money, closing.  All things that without any attachment to accomplishment lead to a pretty fun, uplifting experience.

Hiking is a bit of question mark.  The longer hikes I love most are getting harder and harder on my body in terms of recuperation.  So we'll have to see just how much that is going to be.

Traveling.  This trip is our first experiment with staying someplace for longer period of time.  We'll see how that works out.

Think that's about it.


alexis said...

we are all constantly learning, even about ourselves! It's nice to have a big brain sometimes.

Bernice said...

I love the creativity of wife in giving you the selling on Craigslist job because it make you happy.