Thursday, April 24, 2014

Euro 2014 - Amsterdam Family Interlude - 2, A Pictoral Collage

The making of Wife's birthday cake:

The Grandma - 3.1 Relationship

There is this incredible link between 3.1 and her Grandma (Wife)

To assuage her loss of status as only child, Wife brought 3.1 a tea set as a gift.
3.1 has been playing koffie (I guess tea is passe in the Netherlands) with Wife non-stop.

Another favorite game is Sleep
3.1 loves the aeormatress we are using and she and Grandma can spend 45 minutes playing:
"Go to bed"
"Wake up"
Over and over

Walking the Streets

At a hip cafe, Wife, #3 and 3.2

Part of the Old Ship Museum that we didn't actually go into

And of course - Canals


Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

Regarding the first picture - how can a woman who just gave birth look so skinny? AinA, you look great!

So does that cake, actually.

alexis said...

Thank you RM! You are very kind, and so is the photographer! I will say a kind birth also helps, my recovery has been very speedy this time round.

terri said...

From all of the grandparenting posts you've written, it's obvious that Wife has a way with the kids. Time and attention is all they really want from us big people. She seems to be very generous with both. (Although, I have to say, I wish someone would invite me to play "go to sleep." I think I'd be really good at it.

de-I said...

Except Terri that it is not just 'sleep' is "Sleep. Eyes closed Grandma" (5 seconds). "Get up" (5 seconds). "Sleep. Eyes closed Grandma". "Get up" over and over. NOT the most restful game1