Saturday, May 18, 2013

Hiking Report

You may have noted a distinct lack of hiking posts over the last few months.  This hasn't been because I've been hiking any less.  But rather because I pretty much have been hiking over the same trails that I've been doing since I started the blog.  I mean how many posts of the same 10 trails can one make?  I still am going out every weekend for 5 to 6 miles up the mountain.  Once in while I do one of the longer hikes but I haven't been focused on the more 'epic' hikes namely because I don't have anyone to go with.  My main partner for 'epic hiking', Wild Bill, is big into his search and rescue activities which usually on the weekend.  But with some schedule changes I have in mind in a month or so, I'm hoping to be treading new ground.

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alexis said...

time to meet another hiking partner!