Friday, October 21, 2011

Interesting Things Are Where You Find Them

For as long as I've traveled on business, I've had a philosophy - wherever you are there are interesting things. Hence, even if I'm in some out of the way place off the beaten track, I find things that are good to see and good to eat. This week I had a short trip to Visalia CA, in the Central Valley south of Fresno. Not exactly San Francisco or Monterey. I was there for work but I was going out for dinner to a place my client had recommended. It wasn't far from my hotel so I walked.

There were beautiful flowers

Murals reminding you that this is the gateway to the Sequoia National Forest

And cool looking buildings

The restaurant itself was a very neat, old school style in ambiance, service, and food - very much up my alley.

A wild mushroom ragout in a cream sauce with puff pastry. Very good.

Sweetbreads with a crust of mustard and breadcrumbs. It was so fresh from the oven and nice and hot.

The wine selections by the glass were among the best I've seen in near forever. First they didn't serve a glass. You got a mini-carafe with 8.5 ounces. Most were around $12. And the wines were unusual and good. I had New Zealand Riesling (you never see any NZ whites other than sauvignon blanc in this country) and a Barbera from Piedmonte Italy. You know how I like Piedmontese wines. Barbera is the everyday wine but this one really kicked butt!
One of the most enjoyable meals I've had for a long time...and in Visalia CA of all places.


terri said...

You make it a point to look for things that you'll enjoy, and you find them. I think if you were hell-bent on finding something to complain about, you could.

It's all in the attitude!

alexis said...

I hear a bit of "the secret" in there but also just sensible advice.

Mike said...

You seem to have quite the knack for finding these places. You should write another book one of these days. "De-I's Top 100 Places to Eat In The World."

Anonymous said...

I can relate to riesling! I like riesling a lot but haven't experienced that many different ones. If I ever go to New Zealand I will be sure to seek out some of the good stuff.