Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Why Is Finding A Hotel So Difficult

You would think that with all the online tools available to find accommodation that one could find a single place to stay wouldn't you. Wife is planning a three day swing to do some photo shooting. She gave me a list of the ten or so towns that we are going to be visiting. I duly began to check my various tools for finding a place to stay. Agoda, Booking, Orbiz, Trivago, HomeAway, Airbnb. Nothing, nada, zip. How could that be?

I went back to Wife to register my frustration.

"Dear, these are the ghost towns we are visiting. Not the places where we would want to stay."


So is there some kind of psychic Trivago I missed? A seance version of Booking I'm supposed to use?  Do you have to be a ghost to stay in a ghost town accommodation? Clearly more research will be needed.

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alexis said...

must be a class you can take on how to photograph ghosts.