Saturday, February 4, 2017

Truth In Advertising

I hate, HATE, when chefs, cooks, whomever, consider it okay to take time honored foods, change them completely, and claim the are "making my version of" whatever it is. I recently had a major meltdown and put a scathing TripAdvisor review for a local restaurant that had put a pasta with 'Bolognese' sauce on it yet served a dish that was in no way close to what that classic sauce should be. And when I called them out on it, they smugly said, "It's our chef's interpretation." Ya if their chef feel one can completely change a dish and put whatever name you want on it.

I, however, it was time for me to have to take my own medicine last night. We had our friends from San Miquel Allende Mexico in town for dinner. I made a rice dish that could have very easily been called a Paella. EXCEPT that it was missing a few ingredients and wasn't cooked in the proper manner in the proper pan.

So what to do? Could I be a complete hypocrite and call it a 'Paella'?

No, I proudly announced as I served:

                                               Paella Like Food Product!

And I'm happy to report that my guests loved it, ate seconds and thirds, and called it the best Paella Like Food Product they'd ever had.


alexis said...

I agree, there is some artistic license but it should still vaguely tick the boxes.

Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

Hah, that is brilliant! And I'm sure that paella food like product is much tastier than cheese product.