Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Finishing Up Euro 2016 - Trial by Cold

Our last weekend was a second visit with the #3's in their new flat in Amsterdam.  The two flights of stairs to get there to their third floor flat are a bit of a challenge. If 3A had not carried the suitcases up and down for us, I doubt if we could have done it. But their new flat has so much more space than their old one and has so much more light.

I've said this so often but it is painful to have such a good relationship with one's children and have them so far away that visits are so infrequent. Nonetheless, we had a wonderful time...discounting the freezing of our asses off. It was really cold and never got above the low 40's the three days we were there. Since it was mostly hanging around with family, I'll go right to pictures.

If we're in Amsterdam there is a mandatory list of street food we want to get

The absolutely best frites on the planet...no shit
Herring...got to have herring...at least I do

Waffles with chocolate sauce
(Don't think it was cold?)
Amsterdam has some of the best Turkish Doner outside of Turkey from our experience
In order below Chicken Doner Sandwich, Pide (kind of a meat, eggplant thing), and Turkish pizza with doner in it

Mandatory Art Shots
There was lots of color and light in the Serphati Park near the market

What sacrifice will a Grandmother make?
Going to the Granddaughters Hair Salon

The two stylists size up their victim...I MEAN THEIR CUSTOMER!
"Hmm what do you think?"
"I don't know. This could call for serious intervention."
"You really think so? You don't think a simple combing will do?"
"Puhlease, I am an arteeste."
"Don't you worry. We are experts."
"Agh, Don't leave me now."
The 'artists' in action

On another note, rare photographs of the elusive 3A

My daughter is a woman of complex emotions

And occasionally 

Let us conclude with a last dinner out where we had a wonderful, really wonderful roast beef rib


alexis said...

we loved having you! I am sorry the stairs are a challenge for you :( We were worried about it.

de-I said...

I can't speak for Mom, but with the exception of dealing with the suitcases (which I don't think I could have pulled off), I found the steps to be less of an issue than I would have thought. It seemed to me the two flights we did in Paris took more energy out of us even though they were not as steep.