Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Ciaorevoir Frantaly

Hard to believe that it is time to move on. We are leaving tomorrow for Avignon and the heart of French Provence for a couple of days before we go on up to Paris, the French cultural heart (at least if you hear Parisians talk about it!)

After the ordeal getting back from Antibes on Monday, we completely collapsed yesterday, did laundry, took naps, I cooked our midday meal, and started our packing. Today we went into Menton to enjoy the sun and sea one last time.

We spent a lot of time in a cafe and on a park bench just talking and reading.

One Last Med Panorama

I went and got a haircut. Then we went to lunch. We talked about driving back to Ventimiglia for pasta or pizza but in the end didn't want to put out the energy. Even though we've had mostly just okay meals in Menton, we spent some time to find a place that seemed to resonate. We liked this one because they were offering four kinds of whole fish...the kind that are big enough you need two people to share them. We were very happy with our meal.

To start with they had a nice tapinade on the house
 Then we had a green salad
The bread was much better than average
Then came the fish. 
It was steamed with olives, artichokes and fennel. 
It was brought out whole to us and then they boned and plated it.
There were five vegetable accompaniments including spinach, carrots, eggplant, potatoes, and some mystery vegetable potato puree. With the exception of the latter, all were very good.
(p.s. sorry for the pictures - done with phone and the lighting with the shadow and brightness were a devil! Yes we were eating outside again :)

We did some final shopping for things we need the last couple of days and climbed the crazy ass road one last time. We were rewarded with a final sunset and watched the Italian Coast as night fell.

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Rob said...

Fortunately you will be able to work off any extra pounds gained from eating fish in Menton when you come and stay and have to climb the stairs to our apartment...