Sunday, August 7, 2016

Road Trip Pictures #3 - Bryce Canyon National Park

The main event of our road trip was our visit to Bryce Canyon National Park. We had schedule a whole day and went to every single open view point but one.

Even before we got to the park there was a National Monument - Red Rock - that we went through.

And now the main event
Our Crack Team of Photo and Video Journalists

Many, many pictures

Agh Wife don't go down there! 

One of many view points
More pictures

Taking all these pictures is hungry business

Darn photo/videographers going off again!

And let us finish with the important finale
Ice Cream
Clearly serious business


alexis said...

wow, Yelena is really turning into a young little adult! I love how much personality she exudes in these shots.

Of course the nature shots are also amazing.

Bernice said...

Wow, what beauty. Great pictures.

Agent W said...

Great pictures of your road trip to three very beautiful National Parks! So glad you had time with your granddaughter & now share precious memories !