Tuesday, August 2, 2016

National Park-a-thon

I'm not sure what we had in mind when we decided we would take Granddaughter 1.1 on a road trip this summer instead of her just flying out to Albuquerque. I'm pretty sure we didn't have anything in mind and hoped something would make itself apparent in the fullness of time.

As it has turned out we've ended up doing a whirlwind tour of National Parks. Of course since we really didn't plan very well (read 'at all!'), we've just barely touched on most of the parks we've visited.

(Remember when reading this that this has all taken place over three days!)

We started out leaving the East Bay area and made an impromptu decision that we would go via a route transversing Yosemite National Park. That turned out to be a very long, long drive with all kinds of twisty turny mountain driving. AND we didn't get to see the main valley itself but did the northern most drive across the park. It did leave us with a desire to come back and do the main valley itself.

Today was going to be a relaxed travel day, but a business friend told me that you could get to where we were going by going through Zion National Park. That was an inspired piece of advice and we loved it. In addition to the main valley, there was a portion on the Eastern end that had some of the most spectacular examples of fossilized ocean/beach shore I have ever seen. (Pictures and Videos will be posted this weekend when we get back).

Tomorrow we're on to Bryce Canyon.

Traveling with 1.1 one has been very easy. She's a good traveler and meshes well with us :)


alexis said...

What a nice foil to your usual highly planned travel!

Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

It's the American way - sightseeing without ever leaving the car. Glad you're having fun.