Friday, July 29, 2016

Road Tripping

We are taking a short road trip to connect with the family members on the West Coast.

It's about an 16 hour drive and we break it into two pieces. We did 10 hours to Barstow CA on day one and 6 hours to Lafayette CA (in the East Bay area).  About half of the drive is through the low desert of Arizona and California going through such towns as Needles, Barstow, and Bakersfield. Then it is on through the Central Valley of CA. This whole segment is possibly some of the dreariest area for driving I know of. It is enhanced by the behavior of drivers on Interstate 5 who feel they are entitled to drive in the left lane regardless of how slow they go.

We got to Lafayette in time to go see Granddaughter 1.1's summer theater workshop showcase which also allowed us to see all of the #1 clan including 1A's Father and Stepmom.


alexis said...

how was the performance???

de-I said...

It was a young people's theater showcase...pretty typical of the genre.