Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Book Report

I recently complete the third of what I have now determined will be a four book initial series. It seems that I have been writing this much longer than in fact I have. I went back to my first post related to 'The Story' and it was if February of 2015 and it dates my having started this in December of 2014. I looked at the other posts related to it and it wasn't until June of 2015 that I had finished the rewrite of the original book. Since then I finished a first sequel and just a few weeks ago the second sequel. Each one has gotten progressively longer as the complexity of the characters and their development has grown. In fact the second sequel logged in at 480 pages! Crazy.

I've now started a 'Prequel' so the original first book will actually be the second book. When that is done, the original book will require a total rewrite and change. I certainly keeps me occupied. Since i started this project I've not turned on television one evening.


Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

It is really rewarding to find a pursuit that you can immerse yourself in; I'm so glad that has happened to you.

alexis said...

amaze-balls! I've not started reading the second book. I'm afraid! And tired. But mostly afraid

Tee said...

I'm so impressed with your ability to pull a story together this way! Sometimes my mind can barely sit still long enough to write a few paragraphs on the blog. I'm jealous! But so happy for you. This is clearly a passion for you.