Sunday, May 8, 2016


We've had the pleasure of having our oldest granddaughter 2.1 with us this week. As her family is in Hong Kong and she is in boarding school in the U.S., when there are situations where she has breaks from her programs, we are the fall back option.

It is a lovely thing to see the evolution of the child to the adult - not that 2.1 is an adult but at 17 she is showing more responsibility and self-direction. Having her around has been very enjoyable.

She needed to get some new shoes for a program graduation that takes place in a couple of weeks (which once again as the family closest geographically, we will be going to). Wife has been helping her sew a dress this week - which according to Wife was possibly THE most complicated sewing project 2.1 could have ever chosen. So I volunteered to take her shopping for some shoes to match the dress.

She had to take the SAT exam in the morning so I picked her up and after a light lunch of green chile cheeseburgers and green chile cheese fries we headed off to one of the zillion ladies shoe discount emporiums around town.

As luck would have it, when we walked in there were few people there (though it would be crowded by the time we left!) and the very first pair of shoes we saw were almost exactly what she wanted for her dress.

Then we proceeded to spend another half hour second guessing our choice. We did buy her a pair of every day boot type of shoes though as everything was on sale AND there was 50% off on the second pair.
It was around this time that I decided that if we were to truly get into the Grandfather/Granddaughter bonding thing that my personal ladies shoe inventory was woefully out of date. The first pair I suggested I thought fit nicely in line with what I wear regularly.
But 2.1 thought that they were way too conservative. Having been properly chastened, I decided to go with something decidedly more colorful.
Alas the grandchild thought these were WAY too gaudy and not keeping with the sort of stylish megalomania that is de-I. With her expert guidance we finally settled on:
Truly a pair of heels that will make a power statement of style!

Now all I need is the dress to match. 2.1 suggested I go to Lane Bryant.


alexis said...

i can't even believe you found those shoes in your size

Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

2.1 has excellent taste. The silver heels are THE shoes that all the megalomaniacs are wearing this season.

Agent W said...

You are an amazing grandfather!!!

Bernice said...

Isn't it amazing what we can learn from our grandchildren if we just ask!