Saturday, August 30, 2014

Catching Up - Finishing Pulantic Visit

Things have been crazy this week.  There has been a very unfortunate business blow-up that has sucked me out of my lovely mostly retired state back into a quagmire of nasty stuff and taken valuable time that I could have used blogging.  I will write more on this later perhaps.  Hope to use the three day weekend to catch up on my posts.  So let's start by finishing up last weekend's trip to the #2's.

After the Holocaust Museum, we went back to Pu Central.  2B and #2 had made a reservation at nice Jose Andreas restaurant, Zatinya, a Turkish/Eastern Mediterranean small plates restaurant.  It was a great experience on a number of levels.  First the food was very good.  Second I got to do gourmandizing with #2 and we really go to town when we are together.  Three, 2B's wine palate has grown and he brought two great bottles to the restaurant increasing the pleasure and decreasing the price.  Four, we had a fabulous waiter.  Five, my new hearing aids (more on that in a later post) worked like a charm and I had no problems hearing people even though it was very noisy.  And six, the price for four of us was only $220 before tip!  Even accounting for bringing our own wine that seemed really good for a as much as we purchased (15 small plates, three cocktails, two desserts and two coffees).

On Sunday we spent a lot of time hanging out with the kids.  I in particular was spending a lot of time with 2.3.  We played with Star War figures (I was always the bad guy and always lost), all kinds of hide and go seek games outside with 2.2 joining us.  Checkers - he's really good at 7 years old.  He even started to show me some of his games on the iPad which requires his being very patient as Grandpa is pretty a pretty freaking slow learner.

We went out for a true Chesapeake Bay treat, steamed crabs for a late afternoon lunch/dinner.  They were as expensive as the meal we had the night before!  We played card games in the evening.  It was very good.

On Monday, we got up to check out of our hotel.  Our room was on the first floor right next to the lobby so all we had to do was turn left out of door into the lobby area.  Except that when we did we were greeted by yellow police tape and an officer telling us we couldn't go into the lobby as it was a crime scene!  Seems someone had tried to rob the front desk clerk in the pre-dawn hours.  We didn't hear a thing.  Might want to think about staying here again.

Proof positive of Wife, #2 and 2.1 being in Washington D.C.

Droolasaurus Rex
aka 2.4 (he's teething)

Pile O Crabs

Devastation wrought by clan on Pile O Crabs

Our hotel lobby shut down by the Falls Church police


alexis said...

I am jealous of the food and family!

Tim said...

Good times!