Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sunset, Sunrise, New Addition

While I'm working on my opus post bringing the whole transition cycle to a close (I actually have a page and a half of outlined notes!) and finally find the time to write it, more monsoonal pictures plus a surprise guest member to the de-I household.



New Addition

Granddaughter 2.2 who is almost 9 (in a couple of weeks) flew all by herself from the East Coast to spend time with de-I and Wife.  We went shopping for some food and she told us she wanted to make this fruit and goat cheese salad for us.  We no sooner in the door then she had me being sous chef while she prepared her apple, raspberry, blueberry, goat cheese salad. 


Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

A guest who cooks for you! This sounds great.

alexis said...

WOW - color me impressed! Sounds pretty delicious too.

terri said...

Beautiful sky views from your place!

As for granddaughter 2.3, all I can say is, like grandpa, like grandkid!