Thursday, July 24, 2014

Camp de-I

Isn't it the dream of every young child to get to spend time at fabulous Camp de-I in the summer?  No?  It is only their nightmares?  Only de-I's children who have a desire to ship out their little ones for a break from summer child care would actually send their kids to Camp de-I because it's free?


Well nonetheless we have the lovely 2.2 enrolled in the de-I Overnight Camp. There are all kinds of activities for her to indulge in.  Of course there is Sandia Outfitters Guide Training.  So I took 2.2 out for a hike and I think she thought it was more like being a Sandia Outfitter client than a guide...little does she know!

Then there is always the popular baking classes

The Extreme Exercise Class

Crafts of course

The Ice Cream Social with homemade Ice Cream

Finally, there is 2.2's FAVORITE activity.  If you live in a house with 3 siblings and have two step siblings for the summer where you can NEVER get time for yourself.  You sign up for........


Where you spend hours in your bunk happily playing with your device and no one tells you where to go or bugs you or gives you chores. 

Ahhhhhh bliss.


Agent W said...

Lucky little lady to spend time with her grandparents at Camp de-I!!

terri said...

Now you've done it. Now all the little decimal points are going to want to spend time at Camp de-I. Actually, I kind of want to come spend time at Camp de-I. I'm all-in for the homemade ice cream!