Monday, June 30, 2014

Reunion Interlude

Every three years whether one is ready for it or not, Wife rounds up her clan for a reunion.  It is our very good fortune that this year they selected a location in Colorado - only a 5 hour drive!  Most of the time it has been in the Midwest, the demographic epicenter of the clan, which means multiple days of driving in both directions for us.

As part of the clan likes to do camping with huge campers and part of us are more citified folks liking a cabin, and always wanting to be somewhat frugal, it is a challenge to come up with venues that will work.  They are always 'interesting' to say the least.  This year the camping group is dealing with woefully poor camping facilities including minimal electricity, shower facilities, and no waste dumping site.  But we will have fun as always.

Also this time is a little less well attended.  My family based on the prodding of my younger brother decided to have its first reunion (in spite of my best efforts to kill the idea) later this year plus it is also the year that we have our kids home for Christmas.  So it was too much money and vacation time for many.  So we only have around 16.  In some ways it will make it more intimate and easier.


alexis said...

alas! wish we could be there.

terri said...

Sooooo.... you won't be swinging by here for dinner this time around?

Have a great time! Are you doing a lot of the cooking again?

de-I said...

No, Terri, not this trip...though we are going to be back in Wisconsin or Minnesota for the 2017 edition!

Not too much cooking. The clan has developed a methodology where each family makes a meal and does all the prep and clean up. So I only had one meal to do. It ends up being much more equitable and easier.