Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Not Quite The Baby Whisperer

I got to go out to Washington DC and meet the newest addition to the de-I clan and catch up with the entire Pulandia clan.  I lucked out with the weather (they got another snow dump just 24 hours after I left).

How one relates to a new generation

2.2 is not much for talking with Grandpa
BUT she will text...a lot
Here she is with me while we text to each other

And of course there is the quality time that comes from 2.2 and 2.3 simultaneously plopping themselves down and showing you their video games (Mine Craft in this case).  2.3 is particularly insistent that you pay close attention while he shows you all the things he's doing at breakneck speed.

Proper procedure for making use of a grandparent

 Ah the joy of being a Mother with your lovely 6 week old son

"Well hello there Daddy-o"

"See how sweet and quiet he is.  I'm sure he'd be just an angel for you and I could sure use to take a shower, brush my teeth, answer emails, go out and visit friends...."

Baby now transferred and waking up
"Hey wait a minute.  This isn't Mom"


alexis said...

awww, those are beautiful pictures of PU and the new N! And funny manner, but great that you've found a way to communicate with the little ones.

Mike said...

They look like great kids. Congratulations on the little one. Very cute!

terri said...

Aw, they are all just so cute! And the baby is adorable. I have a feeling you have more of a knack with those kids than you let on.