Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pizza Post

I am going out of order as I haven't even finished my big ass Italian Diner posts yet.  BUT, this post is specifically aimed at a particular reader who I am trying to get to the Tower for the purposes of sharing travel photos.  So I'm jumping ahead to the night before New Year's Eve when we had Gaius Derf and Agent W over for homemade pizza.

Our pizza efforts to date have been so-so.  Wife, in line with her bread game step up, wanted to try a different crust recipe.  The one she chose was from Bobby Flay of all people.  It only called for one hour of rising!  I was quite skeptical.  But this stuff was crazy.

This is want it looked like just after an hour and 15 minutes!

We had to break it down and put it in the refrigerator to slow it down because drinks were in order.  Derf and W had decided Manhattans were in order.

They chose to go original with Rye Whiskey which made for a drier drink than with Bourbon.

If this picture is blurry it is because this is on our second Manhattan

We cooked our pizzas on our pizza stone at 500 degrees and they were cooking up in 10 minutes.  We tried three different versions.  Here they are in our order of preference

This was a Margarita style.
Mozzarella cheese, fresh tomatoes, sauteed scallion, a little Parmigiano grated on top

Our next favorite was a White Pizza version
I used a 3-cheese blend of Fontina, Manchego, and Brie as the base
Toppings were chicken, artichoke hearts, capers, sauteed scallions

And our favorite was my own invention
Tomato sauce base with a meat topping where I took the pot roast from two posts ago and mixed it with Pecarino cheese and the sauteed scallions.
Mozzarella cheese and artichoke hearts as well.

We were going to make a fourth but we were too full :(


terri said...

Pot Roast Pizza. This has to be a first. Maybe you should market it!

The white pizza sounds good to me.

Renee Michelle Goertzen said...


Let us know if your pizza ploy worked on the mystery reader.

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Dammmmnnnnn. Those pizzas look good!

Pulisha said...

Mmmmm, loks delish! (and waaaaay more appetizing than my attempts at x-mas pizza this year!)

alexis said...

Pulisha - I am convinced at least one critical component is getting the oven hot enough. I am putting down one of those stone thingers on my wish list, I am too dismayed with all my soggy bottom attempts.

Bernice said...

I love the pic of Mrs. De-I contemplating the alcohol!!