Friday, December 16, 2016

On Achieving the Steady State

This happens after each one of our trips. While we're on our trips, I am a blogging machine. Each evening I furiously doing my pictures, trying to get everything done so I can get posts up in real time. Don't always succeed but always try to. And there's tons to write about because we're doing so much.

Then we get home and we transition back into our 'non-travel' lifestyle. Which is very regular, like the ebbing and flowing of the tides (a gentle tide, not one of those crazy tides that goes up and down 20 feet and they use for creating electricity...that would be daughter #2's life...Love you #2). Work fills up a lot of the time but at nothing like the intensity of when I was working full time. I do my hiking. I do my writing. We continue to do this and that to add to the decor of the house. I shop. I cook. I do laundry. I do all the planning and arranging of the next trip.

It is all so very regular and so very not stimulating to blog writing.

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alexis said...

we gotta work on your zen! Then you will observe the amazing in the ordinary!