Sunday, November 15, 2015

On The Seveth Day Wife Said, "Let There Be Waffles"

And there were waffles. And they were good.

Actually Wife said, "How about pancakes for breakfast?"

This type of carb loaded treat being almost unheard of on the Eldership, I doubled down and asked if we could have waffles instead as I much prefer them to pancakes. To my surprise she agreed.

Some background - you may remember that we here on the Eldership de-I are rather severely understaffed. Even though ElderFleet Command authorizes a crew in the hundreds for the de-I, there are only Wife and I. So we make do as we travel through elder space by swapping off roles (except for the red-shirted enlisted person on an away mission - can't afford casualties).  Most of the time I am in charge of the mess hall so to have Wife want to take on that role was a surprise.

But she was a credit to her ElderFleet Academy training. Running out for an away mission to get milk which we almost never have in the house, using a 'from scratch' recipe in the joy of cooking that requires whipping egg whites and folding them into the batter.

We had one scare in that as we were off and running on this adventure there was suddenly a thought, "Do we actually still own a waffle iron?"  Joyfully there deep in the cargo bay was an almost brand spanking new one we'd bought when our old died (gad a decade or so ago?) and has sat their faithfully awaiting the day when like a Communist Chinese cadre of old who was on the wrong side of the Cultural Revolution it would get back on the right side of the power structure.

We waffles were pretty darn good considering we hadn't tried anything like this in a decade. Definitely there was some tweaking of the use of iron required but that will come with more practice.

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terri said...

Waffles are one of the foods of the gods. We like to make ours Belgian style here!