Thursday, August 6, 2015

Shuttle Craft Reenable - Mission Continues

I'm happy to say that the the Shuttle Craft LapTop is back aboard the Eldership even though there was a problem with translating the terminology used by ElderFleet Maintenance. If I'd have put the terms "3 to 5 business days" into the universal translator, I'd have found that term translates to "7 to 8 business days" in standard ElderFleet days.  It turned out that the problem was the logic board which meant I had to reload all the Shuttle Craft's data which is really not that big a deal.

In the meantime we are in the middle of a very delicate diplomatic mission. The we picked up granddaughter 1.1 at the airport on Sunday night and are having her for the entire week. She's being given the full ElderFleet Cadet training experience including hiking, study (museums), cooking, baking, sewing, and is actually doing some old file destruction for real pay!

On yet another front we are dealing with a species invasion that is taking on epic proportions. Our peach tree has gone crazy. We thought we done a great job of peachocide earlier in the year to reduce the number that would ripen but evidently peaches are like Tribbles and reproduce geometrically when you turn your eyes away. Of course they are all going to ripen exactly at once and do so when we're out-of-town.


terri said...

Somehow the excessive crop of peaches doesn't surprise me. The same thing happens with our cherry tomatoes. They're delicious, but they all ripen over the course of a couple of weeks, producing way more than we could ever consume on our own. I give away what I can, but ultimately, so many of them go to waste.

alexis said...

I wish we could help you with those peaches!

Agent W and The Derf said...

Granddaughter 1.1 is very lucky to have wonderful grandparents!!