Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Catch Up Post

Sorry it's been a while since posting.


As you will see I've spruced up the de-I layout and gone with a whole new branding as befits an officially "Semi-Retired" person.

After Thanksgiving day we hung out with the relatives for a few more days.  This included spending more time with the grand kids including a visit to a cool science museum in the hills above Oakland.

This was supposed to be showing the cycle of the Big Bang

Ready Mission Control!

Movies - the key to grand parental babysitting success!

The drive back to New Mexico was much easier as Wife's back had improved substantially and she was able to take her normal shifts driving.  Still we note as we are getting older that an 8 to 9 hour driving day is about as much as we can handle.  A decade ago we were doing 10 to 12 hour days.


Remember the movie Mars Attacks?  This year is a the mother of all Christmases as we have the entire clan coming from their varied locations.  I liken it to the Allied recapture of Europe in WWII.  On the 17th the brave forces of Task Force Netherlands make the initial landing.  Then on the 20th reinforcements from the Pulandic Expeditionary Group come in.  Finally the Bay Area Highlanders arrive on the 23rd to drive the break out from the beaches.  Total collapse of the de-I defenses are expected on the 27th when the rest of the extended de-I family comes for our 1st ever family reunion.  That's another 12 people.  

This has required logistical planning at a level not heretofore seen.  Everything from childproofing for infants to menu planning, renting additional space since not even the Tower can hold the 16 of the clan, etc.
Significant heating pad on back time was required after getting all the stuff out this year

While getting the little tree on the ledge I kept thinking about older folks and falling :(


Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

The key to successful events: planning. It looks like you're on track!

alexis said...

that's a long way for young people to fall too dad, make sure you both take care!

Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

Sorry it took me so long to notice the blurb up top, but it's great! Can I have a role as visiting science officer?